Research The Entire UK Garage Network 90% Faster Than Using Search Engines

If you can tick a box and press refresh, you can now answer a world of data related questions. Visualise changes in Motor Manufacturers dealers, by both site type and drive time.

Outperform Your Competitors

Act immediately! Pursue opportunities in real time

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Save Hours in Internet Searches

See everything in one place, anytime, anywhere

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Reduce Time Spent in Excel

Make data driven decisions, Autosites features built in data queries 

AutoSites™ allows you to visualise and track site changes across the entire uK sMR network


autoSites™ is the tool used by motor manufacturers to plan and optimise their networks


Reduce Drive Time by Laser focusing on areas of opportunity. we track new, expired, independents, dealerships, sales & workshop only Locations



Information On The Go

Experience the convenience of AutoSites™ anytime, anywhere.

We've built AutoSites™ using the latest web technology. It's equally fast on a desktop or using it on a tablet with a 3G connection. Information available when ever you need it. With no software to install you can use it on any system with a modern web browser.

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"With Autosites, it was like having another person. Previously, we were spending hours each month doing research in Google, only to find out that a few weeks later that information was out of date."

New customer of AutoSites™


AutoSites™ has the solution.

We track, and are directly supplied data from many automotive industry sources.

Our purpose built, complex systems, analyse and cross reference this data on a daily basis. The result is a single, constantly up to date output with full change history and reporting.

Let us improve your productivity. We update literally thousands of records every month, ensuring you have the most up-to-date information available at your fingertips.


What do I need to get started?
A modern internet browser and a login to AutoSites™ is all that is required.

I'm not technical, will I be able to use it?
Absolutely yes. Many queries and reports are built in. If you can select a tickbox and click a button to generate, then you qualify.

What if I want to manipulate the data in a spreadsheet?
Simple. After querying the records you want, simply click a button to export the file.

Can more than one person use it at the same time?
Yes, additional user licences are available.

How up to date is it?
Very. We actively seek changes, when identified the live system is updated immediately. Any movements are reflected on the fly.

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