Automotive Database Services


Frequently used when collating data for marketing campaigns. Irrespective of the sector, automotive data is often used to generate sales leads and communicate effectively with customers.

When it comes to Automotive dealer data, detailed analysis can be carried out and the results used to help streamline communication and drastically improve the efficiency of planning activities. The data can be imported into CRM systems and used to analyse change history, as well as targeted marketing campaigns.

Regularly updated data is crucial for those involved in automotive database marketing as well as dealer network planning. It is also used to target teams selling to the automotive industry. In the case of dealer network planning, a franchised dealer database would be relied upon to identify open points and areas of interest to competitors. Essential for those managing a network of franchised dealers.

Using accurate market data gives sales teams an edge when competing in tough automotive sectors. Market analysis becomes that much more streamlined and effective. Not only is it easier to contact manufacturers and dealers to effectively manage communication, but it allows analytical and marketing strategies to move more quickly.

Using high quality data for your lists will:

  • Allow sales teams to accurately target prospects who are relevant
  • Use historic data to market to specific customers
  • Increase marketing ROI as response rates will improve
  • Analyse a target sector for niches



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Data Services Include

Real Time Access
Our cloud system allows you to easily identify where new sites open and older ones close. 
See how the franchised dealer landscape is changing.

Focus and Drill Down
Combine multiple filters to find companies that exactly match the profile you are looking for.

Breakdown by Vehicle Type
See where opportunities exist for car, commercial, motorcycle dealers and more.

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